Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bird Nests and Cloches ~ Oh My~

**THIS IS A REALLY OLD POST FROM 2015 THAT WAS FOUND IN THE ARCHIVES AND LISTED AS "DRAFT".. I HIT PUBLISH JUST NOW (1/28/2017) ... My interior and style has changed so much since this was written but thought it was silly to have a full post not shared, even if its years old. Enjoy, Marcy ~

I am having a love affair with nature...especially birds nests! I have them displayed though out my home. 

I really do love all birds, with the one exception being black crows, who have decided that my bird bath is a perfect place to bring dead animals..we'll save that bit of goodness for another post shall we... moving on...

I started collecting bird's nests about two years ago. Before I get hate mail, I will tell you I never disturb a nest, but am happy to take the ones that are abandoned or fall from trees. 

The nest pictured above is from my 11 year old friend, Camille. She rang my doorbell and asked me if I wanted it. I keep it separate from the rest of my collection just so I remember her sweetness! 

The cloche was $1.00 from a local Thrift Store.

The nest pictured above is a hummingbirds nest..tiny, tiny thing. It is softer than the others and is a much deeper nest. This was a special treasure from Elise, my favorite 9 year old neighbor...

 Once you get the word out that you collect nests, they magically show up at your door!!

I put the ruler behind the hummingbird's nest so you could see just how small it is!

Again, I keep this nest separate from the other nests because it's so unique and a gift from a good friend.
This cloche, was 50 cents at a Thrift Store. I'm not sure if it really is a cloche or what is was originally intended to be. Anyone know?

The nest pictured above is the BIGGEST nest in my collection and must be from a really LARGE bird. I don't know what kind of bird called this home, but I like to think it's an owl's nest. 

It might be from a black crow, but I'm hoping that's not the case {shudder} !!

Here is the "owl's" nest, uncovered. The silver tray was a Thrift Store find and under $5.00.

I purchased this cloche from a local Garden Center. I love the large glass finial. 

Keeping with the bird theme is my favorite Italian tole lamp... see the little yellow bird on the branch?

he looks so happy guarding all his nests ...

Moving out of the family room and into the entry... what do you know... more nests!!

This cloches hold a big collection of smaller nests... there are probably 15 nests under this one cloche...

This cloche was purchased at Home Goods (love that place). It originally had a wooden base with it but I swapped that out with another silver tray.  Did you notice the blue birds (or swallows?) on the Victorian oil painting? 

The bird theme never ends... 
The handle on this cloche is really beautiful and unique....

Again, the tray is a Thrift Store find.. they are always under $5.00..

Here the nests are uncovered. I had few more, but my niece and my nephews always ask to take one home (parting favors?) and I can never say no..

Here are some little eggs (real) that I purchased and put in a jar just to continue the 'bird theme'.

Entry way filled up with treasures...

Hope you are inspired to collect a nest or two and display them in your home.. 
They really are works of art!

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