Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bird Nests and Cloches ~ Oh My~

**THIS IS A REALLY OLD POST FROM 2015 THAT WAS FOUND IN THE ARCHIVES AND LISTED AS "DRAFT".. I HIT PUBLISH JUST NOW (1/28/2017) ... My interior and style has changed so much since this was written but thought it was silly to have a full post not shared, even if its years old. Enjoy, Marcy ~

I am having a love affair with nature...especially birds nests! I have them displayed though out my home. 

I really do love all birds, with the one exception being black crows, who have decided that my bird bath is a perfect place to bring dead animals..we'll save that bit of goodness for another post shall we... moving on...

I started collecting bird's nests about two years ago. Before I get hate mail, I will tell you I never disturb a nest, but am happy to take the ones that are abandoned or fall from trees. 

The nest pictured above is from my 11 year old friend, Camille. She rang my doorbell and asked me if I wanted it. I keep it separate from the rest of my collection just so I remember her sweetness! 

The cloche was $1.00 from a local Thrift Store.

The nest pictured above is a hummingbirds nest..tiny, tiny thing. It is softer than the others and is a much deeper nest. This was a special treasure from Elise, my favorite 9 year old neighbor...

 Once you get the word out that you collect nests, they magically show up at your door!!

I put the ruler behind the hummingbird's nest so you could see just how small it is!

Again, I keep this nest separate from the other nests because it's so unique and a gift from a good friend.
This cloche, was 50 cents at a Thrift Store. I'm not sure if it really is a cloche or what is was originally intended to be. Anyone know?

The nest pictured above is the BIGGEST nest in my collection and must be from a really LARGE bird. I don't know what kind of bird called this home, but I like to think it's an owl's nest. 

It might be from a black crow, but I'm hoping that's not the case {shudder} !!

Here is the "owl's" nest, uncovered. The silver tray was a Thrift Store find and under $5.00.

I purchased this cloche from a local Garden Center. I love the large glass finial. 

Keeping with the bird theme is my favorite Italian tole lamp... see the little yellow bird on the branch?

he looks so happy guarding all his nests ...

Moving out of the family room and into the entry... what do you know... more nests!!

This cloches hold a big collection of smaller nests... there are probably 15 nests under this one cloche...

This cloche was purchased at Home Goods (love that place). It originally had a wooden base with it but I swapped that out with another silver tray.  Did you notice the blue birds (or swallows?) on the Victorian oil painting? 

The bird theme never ends... 
The handle on this cloche is really beautiful and unique....

Again, the tray is a Thrift Store find.. they are always under $5.00..

Here the nests are uncovered. I had few more, but my niece and my nephews always ask to take one home (parting favors?) and I can never say no..

Here are some little eggs (real) that I purchased and put in a jar just to continue the 'bird theme'.

Entry way filled up with treasures...

Hope you are inspired to collect a nest or two and display them in your home.. 
They really are works of art!

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Loss of B ~

It is with great sadness that I write that we lost our precious dog, B ~

He was a really one of a kind... a very unique dog and he stole the hearts of everybody that met him. He had a wonderful life and was almost 12 years old. I was privileged to be his owner. I just don't know how to express what he meant to me and my family. He was the best friend I will forever associate with my children's childhood. As a stay at home mom, he was my constant companion. It is a loss beyond compare. In the end, he was surrounded by my two kids, my husband and myself.. and for that I am grateful. 

RIP my sweet friend...


Forever in my heart.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Updates ~

Popping in quick to say hello and to show you some estate sale finds I picked up yesterday... I shared these photos on Instagram... do you follow me there? Please do :)

Yesterday, I picked up this old ladder from a garage filled with goodies... 

There were two ladders at the sale. I grabbed this one and another lady grabbed its mate. She was giving me the stink eye about the ladder I grabbed. I was lucky to get this one with the cross supports... 

It was the prettier of the two!

I'm on the lookout for another... 
for the other side of the fireplace.

I also found this old galvanized clip on light...

It works perfectly and it's dents 
are so charming to me...

The ladder and light 
came from the same garage 
and I love 
that they are married together now...

Where else do you find a lamp for $3?? 
it was a bundle sale 
with this canvas bag thrown in.

Some sort of military bag.

I have no idea what it once held...

Thought it would be cute 
with holiday greenery coming out of it.. 

Which may nor may not happen this year.

In the living room, 
I have been enjoying 
my Staghorn Fern!

It requires very little care 
and doesn't seem to mind 
the Northern exposure!

Instead of covering the plant soil with moss, 
I used some wood slivers 
I picked up at the Christmas Tree lot.

They add a bit of the season 
and fill out this small plant...

and they smell divine!!

You can get these wood slivers 
for free 
at Home Depot 
if you ask really nice and smile big!

I would like to take a moment to honor 
my friend 

This week, she lost her battle with cancer.

I met Ruthie about three years ago from my blog. She was a reader and lived in my town... She asked for a personal tour of my house and I invited her over. As soon as I met her, we became fast friends. 

Even in the face of adversity, Ruthie was always looking to brighten another person's day! Here she is, last year, in my kitchen. She had received this arrangement of "flower puppies" and decided to share them with my good friend, Camille, who is also battling cancer.  It was just so Ruthie, always thinking of others. Camille loved the arrangement and it made Ruthie so happy. Anyone that knew Ruthie loved her. I will really miss her. 

If you would like to know more about Ruthie, you can visit her Cottage which was featured on The Old Painted Cottage. Click here for the tour 

I purchased this tiny 
needlepoint pillow 

at one of Ruthie's sales 
which benefited cancer...

I have it displayed 
in a bird's nest 


I will always 
think of Ruthie 
when I see it ~

Please take time to hug your loved ones!
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Flea Market Finds ~ A Whale of a Time

I haven't been to 
Flea Market Wednesday 
in months... 

and then all of a sudden 
I have been 3 weeks in a row!!

I caught the bug what can I say?

Today was a bit warmer than last week and the sun was shinning it made for a fabulous morning. My shopping buddy, Bethany, couldn't make it today, so I went by myself.... 

Sometimes, it's nice to go alone and not worry about the time or pace... Today was one of those days! 

I did see a few friends...Hi Cheryl, Hi Rachel!

So, here's the goodies 
I brought home with me... 

Can we talk about the antique copper whale??


I love him... 

Cutest tail.. 

His front and back 
are seamed together 
with a weld...

Yummy copper patina...

his little eye...

a small repair...

and that smile!!!

How adorable would he be 
in a beach house bathroom?!!

Just precious!!

I bought him as a Christmas gift for someone I love very much..and that person just happens to have a beach house... 


I'm not sure I can part with him.... 
(oh noooo)

Does this happen to you too??

I purchased with old enamel flour canister for my kitchen.. I am copying Kelley from The Polished Pebble Blog and using the round canister for a plant...

This enamel is in very good condition with no rust...

I love the small accent of blue on the handles...

Always nice to have the lid!

After my blue whale 
and my canister with blue handles, 
I spotted these blue petite books....

The color is just charming...

the set is missing Volume IV... 

but too cute to worry about!

I found these chunky brass candlesticks...

They are so heavy 
and the patina is just wonderful...

Made in Italy... 
and certainly worth the few dollars they cost me..

I have been adding brass accents
and love the warmth 
they bring to any room! 

What about you?? 

Are you having a renewed
love affair with brass

... yet?

These tree shaped dishes will be perfect to hold candy...

I look for cute,
vintage dishes like this...

They make a thoughtful hostess gift 
when wrapped with dark chocolates!

The winter scene is so pretty ...

This one still had the original tag on it...
You don't have to flea market to find these...

You can find them at Salvation Army all the time!

I "popped" this vintage flannel shirt 
that is very soft and broken in.

The colors are perfect for the season!
At $4.00, I am pretty happy with it!

The "I really didn't need this" award 
goes to this brown transferware pitcher...

It was pretty and
my first purchase of the day...

It's in perfect condition 
with no chips or cracks... 
I really didn't need it!

I can always give it as a hostess gift 
with a big bouquet of flowers!

I found this large old jar which spoke to me...

The glass has just a hint 
of aqua blue 
and a really pretty script...

Gorgeous in the sun! 
The original zinc lid was attached.

When filled with candy, 
it will make a perfect gift 
for someone special.

Two grain sack bird ornaments flew in my cart!

Our tree will be decorated over the next few days.

I found a set of 11 vintage silver cups
which almost look like tiny trophies!

So petite... 
with a wonderful warm patina

and a small rose on each handle...

Each one is marked.. 
but I can't read it!

I was going to hang each cup 
from our Christmas tree... 


they are a bit too heavy for the branches...

I think they will look charming 
at each place setting 
with a candle votive...

A nice touch for Christmas dinner...

Too bad there wasn't 12!

That's it for today's market.. 

My favorite purchase was the copper whale!

I bought him for a gift... 
but how will I ever give him away??


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Have the warmest of holidays!!