Friday, June 28, 2013

Living Room Changes - GFC and Mr. AC's Birthday!

Popular posts from other bloggers have been to show one room 3 ways. I love this concept and move furniture all over the house, from room to room. I never showed you my living room update after I painted...and I'm embarrassed to say that the living room has probably changed 6 times in a year. 

Here is the living room before:

Here is where I left you hanging last year:

I only showed that I was painting the walls... 
Never gave you an update! 
I'm I bad blogger..

It's just one of those "It doesn't feel right" rooms... I like to blame it on the fact that it faces Kim Kardashain's North and is darker than the rest of my house...Or the fact that I have lived here almost 5 years and still don't have a fireplace mantle... I just don't know what I want! Or I am afraid of making a costly mistake... or something.

But here's a quick peek and I promise more photos are coming soon...

I clipped some eucalyptus braches from my neighbors tree.. they were free and they make the entire room smell so fresh! 

In the photo above, is my new coffee table... I bought it with my "birthday money" at the Restoration Hardware outlet last November... that was a great day because not one but two of the linen wingbacks also came in to the outlet and I scooped them up.  

I am in the process of adding blue touches to the rooms with accessories and having some pillows made.

I promise I will show more later.... 

Off to celebrate with the family as it's my husband's birthday

the big  50!!!

Please wish Mr. AntiqueChase a Happy Birthday :)

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