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ANTIQUECHASE: Recap of 2012 ~

Looking back at AntiqueChase posts over 2012 reminds me that I need to post more. There are so many projects I tackle, rooms I rearrange, and flea markets I shop that I don't show on this blog... why? I'm not sure. But I'm going to try to post more in 2013!

I wanted to do a monthly wrap up of my "Best" 2012 posts. I realized I took a summer hiatus, so there is a 4 month gap...ooops! But to make up for that, I am going to show some "Behind the Scenes" never before shown photos... grab some Ice Tea or some coffee, this post is too long!


In January, I decided to pair down the items above my kitchen cabinets. I was tired of my floral accessories and wanted more of a farmhouse feel. I struggled with what to put above the kitchen cabinets. I think others struggle with decorating above their cabinets too! It is my all time most viewed, most popular post...

Here is the before picture:

And here is the after shot:

I didn't purchase anything for this accessories redo.. just shopped my house.

So, a year later, I can tell you that I have not grown tired of the accessories above the cabinets. Everything up there is subtle in color. I don't miss the flowers, I don't miss the "fake" ivy. I am enjoying less color. I also, have not dusted up there... in a year.. not once. Is that bad?

See that post here


In February I showed you what I did with some unused Vintage Crates I had in my garage...

I turned them into a file system for my kitchen desk...

Since the New Year is a great time to get organized, this is a great post to re-check out... get yourself a vintage wood crate, some files and get organized! 

To read that post click here 

I shared some treasures I purchased at the BEST garage sale....


You can see more of that post by clicking here 

I actually returned to that garage sale the same day and promised you I would show you what I got in round two... I didn't keep that promise (sorry)... but here are some never seen photos of what else I bought:

A fabulous antique dough bowl....

Currently resides in my living room full of dried hydrangeas...

And a vintage chippy wood school clock. It doesn't work :( but I have big plans to convert it from electricity to battery. I hear it's a pretty easy fix... I'm either going to get this project tackled or sell this clock at my next garage sale. Did I mention I have an entire garage of crap good stuff waiting for my next garage sale? I'm thinking of doing it again in February. Are you local to Southern California and want to come. Drop me an email and let me know!


For those of you that follow me on Google Friend Connect, probably saw my "April Fools Day" post that was up for about an hour... 

It was HILARIOUS to everyone BUT my daughter who threw a fit asked me nicely to remove it. My daughter is like any other teenager and her room has crap everywhere could be cleaner. I posted some "real" shots of her room and mentioned that she was offering free decorating consultations. Okay, it was funny. But not to her. I never want to be intentionally hurtful, so I removed the post. I searched to find just one photo I took for that post and they are missing.. that's weird!


I made a Burlap Table Runner for my dining room table. Happy to say this tutorial is a NO SEW project! I still am enjoying my runner and it's been on my dining room table since I made it!

Check out my tutorial here:

I took a blog break over summer but here are some behind the scenes, never seen photos of projects or decorating I didn't share...


I purchased a new sofa for the family room. It is the PB Comfort Grand in white denim. I never shared it because it looks exactly the same as the old sofa, but without the springs poking in all the wrong places.  I didn't show pictures when it came because my slip covers came damaged. I waited weeks for a replacement, they needed ironing and well, by that point the sofa didn't feel post worthy..

This is the new sofa:

This was the old sofa:

I warned you.... they are almost the same sofa! It's almost embarrassing to show you. 

However, this new one is VERY soft and comfortable. My other sofa was 10 years old and just became uncomfortable. It needed new foam, the cushion pipping was ripping, and the springs where so uncomfortable when we sat down to watch TV. I gave it to a friend who plans on updating and fixing it.

In 2012, I also purchased a new coffee table (World Market), moved my chaise (IKEA) into the family room and updated my pillows and throws (Restoration Hardware)...

Especially LOVE this RH throw...

Not only is the linen weave beautiful, it protects the white chaise from dirty feet and shoes...

and, really, the fringe just looks good draped on the floor!


In June I decided I could no longer live with the dark taupe paint (I inherited) in my living room. The room faces North and doesn't get too much natural light... Below you can see the wall color is very tan when compared to the ceiling color. I know it looks bright in this photo, but every light was on, and the sun was just right in the afternoon....

It always felt so dark... So, I gathered samples of every shade of white paint and debated which color to use... Made numerous friends come over and debate with me. The winner was Benjamin Moore's White Dove. 

White Dove is beautiful but I actually wish I had gone whiter! I LOVE the white paint. It's very fresh! I do miss the contrast as my crown moulding doesn't "pop" like it did before!

I painted the entire living room, myself... Which led to the dining room needing painting too! Here is a photo of the mess I made! Everything from the dining room was in the living room! (and right before our summer vacation I might ad!)

Moving the dining room hutch turned into a project too... the leg almost split off...

Mr. AntiqueChase turned it upside down (here in my family room) and reinforced the buffet leg...

I'm really sorry I haven't posted the living room/dining room paint reveal. That post will come in 2013. I will say that the fresh paint made me have a sudden dislike to all my existing furniture want to redecorate. It all eventually led to a new couch and chairs and a new coffee table and.... (more later).... Okay in my defense, my living room couch was old and from my "Southwest" decorating faze, circa 1990's.


Went on a much needed family vacation to Hawaii..

This was the adult pool at our hotel and it was glorious! Except for the creepy couple reading 50 Shades of Grey OUT LOUD to each other poolside. Ewww

July was also filled with football passing league games and the New England Elite football camp my son attended.. he's the blond 5th from the left...

We also made a few College/Football Visits...

My daughter made the JV Cheer team and attended her 2nd cheer camp....

She is the tall one in the center back row...

In August, my dear grandmother celebrated her 96th birthday.... 

We had a wonderful day with her. I took some photos of her home decor to share with you.. her home decorated with mid century furniture and lots of photos and meaningful items from her trips and wonderful life... (This post is getting long and I decided I will share her home another day!)

Also in August~  
I showed you the Vintage Tool Tote I added to my dining room...

I asked my readers if they thought I had too much Ironstone in my collection... The answer was "NO" a person can never have too much!! Click here to read more


In September I showed you how I get many seasonal looks with just one big silver bowl....

I love silver punch bowls and I am always on the lookout for them at Thrift Stores and Estate sales! To read more about Vintage Silver Decorating, Click Here


Sadly, October had no blog posts... But we were so BUSY!!!

We spent the month celebrating holidays and birthdays... watching my son play football, my daughter cheer BUT MOSTLY.... I spent the month stressing about my son's college applications which were due November 1st. (I never realized how stressful this was!)


With most of the college applications in, I was back to decorating....

I shared my new (to me) kitchen table with it's wonderful history... It belonged to my good friend and was recently gifted to my family... You can read more about that post here 

Does this "recap post" count? 

December was spent waiting for December 15th to roll around!! 

Most people wait for December 25th... why was I waiting for the 15th????

That was the day we would find out if my son got accepted to his first choice college and would be playing football there for the next 4 years...


We are excited, delighted, and oh so proud!!

And just for you decorators (like me) how awesome is the mascot at his college ???

They are the

Which of course prompted me to go out and buy this....

I saw this Stag on Melanie's Blog and immediately called my World Market to get one... You can see her blog post and dining room here:

Watch out my blogging friends... I now have a reason to add way too much  lots of Stag decor to my blog!

I want to thank all of readers! Really, really thank you!! I appreciate everybody who continues to stop by and follow my blog. I especially appreciate your comments and always try to reply back to you. If you don't hear back from me, check your settings. I always feel sad when the comment comes back "Noreplyblogger"...

I also appreciate the bloggers who have me on their blog roll, side bar and/or just send readers my way. Thank you so very much! Just a quick shout out to the following...

Thank you to my four top referrers of 2012:

To you and yours, I hope that 2013 will be a wonderful year filled with PEACE, love, joy, happiness and good health!!!

Till next year :)

Marcy ~ 

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