Saturday, October 23, 2010

Out My Window ~

While folding laundry,
I peeked out the window and saw this...

These birdies were singing and splashing...

It was such a joy to watch.  

Do you have a bird bath in your yard?
Craigslist is a great place to find a chippy vintage one!!
Happy hunting!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday Flea ~

I love my local Wednesday Flea Market. Wonderful vendors, so friendly and nice... Mostly, people cleaning out their garages or antique dealers thinning their booths... All in all, makes for some great shopping. There is no admission charge and no parking fee!

I had a garage sale over the weekend, so I had a little spending money burning a hole in my pocket... Does this happen to you? You get rid of junk and suddenly feel the need to bring home different junk?

Here's the junk that fell into my cart:

It was sort of a container day... I seemed to buy all sorts of boxes, buckets and pails. Does this ever happen to you? You realize later in the day that all your purchases had a theme?

By far, my very favorite purchase was this wooden box!! Don't even try to talk me into selling you this baby. I just adore it! Something so special about it's prior use. I can just image it filled with pastries and bread!

Love the handles and the color of the wood looks like it was made for my home..

I will place it on the coffee table in the kids bonus room. Do you think I can train them {teach them?} to put the TV and video remotes in this box? I hope so! Maybe I can even get them to put their drink glasses in the crate instead of the floor.... A girl can dream, right?

I was told this metal basket was once an old milk crate. It's very heavy duty metal. It's the perfect size to hold my husbands daily newspapers. I hope he will appreciate this wonderful gift I bought for him!

It has some writing on the side...don't know what is says.

I love wicker baskets and this one is HUGE.  I stack vintage wicker baskets and use them for end tables. This one is so big that it will make the perfect "bottom"...

I almost passed this metal box up... In fact, my friend and I got in the car to leave.  I went back to get the box and the seller gave it to me for half price.  You can't really tell how big it is, but trust me it's huge!
He told me it was a lobster pan? I don't know...

It has an insert tray with holes, side handles and a nice lid.. 
I am going to fill it with African Violets for a table display.

This pail was so charming with it's worn red stripes.  
When I pick weeds in the garden it will tag along. 
I'd much rather have an old bucket than a plastic pail.

I had to buy the Sam Adams bucket. When my husband and I were dating, we had some great weekends in Boston. A favorite meal was lobster, steamed clams and Sam Adams Beer. I always thought it was so funny that he was a brewer AND a patriot!

Nice old scale to display over the kitchen cabinets. 
I am always looking for vintage pieces like this...

I have two vintage cameras...this one makes it three! 
It's official, I have a collection!

I bought these big vintage books for the awesome green covers. I have this "green" book theme going in the kid's bonus room. I'm sure they don't even notice..but the 'Martha' in me does... I'll share that book collection with you another day!

This vintage book came home too.

My daughter has been wanting a mannequin for her jewelry. This one was child size. It comes off the stand and can be a table top mannequin.  The seller insisted I take the little shirt with it...

It looks better without the shirt! 
Imagine how cute it would be filled with necklaces!

It has a nice stamp on it. I don't think this is very old.. 
Maybe 1980's..

My daughter promptly said "no thanks"... 
Good thing I love it!

This brown transferware bowl was a bargain. It's very large.. Since it has a {slight} hairline crack the seller sold it to me for $10 bucks.

I always wonder if my posts are too picture heavy... please let me know what you think!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Seasonal Decor vs. Collections ~

I've learned something about my decorating style over the past two weeks... Did you notice I haven't posted? I've been frustrated on what to blog...

Although I love looking at Fall decorating, I just can't seem to make it happen in my own home... 

Sure, I bought a pumpkin..
love the white ones...
Look, I even plopped one in an urn...

Fall decor complete, CHECK!

I would love to blame it on the weather... it's really hard to get into "Fall" decorating when it's over 80 degrees.  Can I make a confession?


Whew, I said it....

Are you totally judging me now???

Will you ever come back to my blog?
{please do}

For me, I don't have the time or the energy to season it up.  Not that my life is so wonderful or so glamorous.  It's just that seasonal decorating requires lots of creativity, lots of storage, and by the time I would get my act together, the season would be over... 

I was thinking about holding this post (Beaded Fruit) until Christmas... Certainly, I could get all fancy telling you that these jeweled beauties are part of my "Christmas" decor... but their not. 

I love beaded fruit every day of the year!
but only the vintage stuff...

I have been collecting beaded or jeweled fruit for about 10 years. I have never found any locally. All my fruit has been purchased on Ebay.  

This is rather tricky because, just like the grocery store...
there's good fruit and there's bad fruit!

I'll show you some examples of the yummy ones...

Vintage fruit was a homemade craft in the 1960's and early 70's... Back then, you could buy kits that contained everything you would need to make your jeweled fruit...the foam centers, beads and pins. Sometimes, you can find the unopened kits on Ebay!

I have lemons, pineapples, grapes, peaches, bananas, limes, plums
...oh my!

Look at these yummy strawberries...

I have found that some Ebay sellers list their fruit as "vintage" when it is in fact new. If you decide to collect, be sure your fruit has pins! Vintage fruit never has glued beads!

Some fruit has sequins under each bead. This makes the fruit look extra pretty and all jeweled up!

I have two other pineapples but this one is much larger. This pineapple wasn't made very well because also seems to loose pins and beads all the time!

I found this pumpkin a couple of years ago. 
{Ah-ha!! Seasonal decor!}

The silver punch bowl was purchased at a local flea market to hold my growing collection of beaded fruit... I originally purchased just the silver bowl. About a month later, the same seller sold me the ladle. 

Would you like to start a collection of vintage beaded fruit?
I have some extra fruit that keeps falling out of my silver bowl. 

If you want an instant collection,
I've listed a 13 piece set HERE


Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!

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