Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday Flea ~

I love my local Wednesday Flea Market. Wonderful vendors, so friendly and nice... Mostly, people cleaning out their garages or antique dealers thinning their booths... All in all, makes for some great shopping. There is no admission charge and no parking fee!

I had a garage sale over the weekend, so I had a little spending money burning a hole in my pocket... Does this happen to you? You get rid of junk and suddenly feel the need to bring home different junk?

Here's the junk that fell into my cart:

It was sort of a container day... I seemed to buy all sorts of boxes, buckets and pails. Does this ever happen to you? You realize later in the day that all your purchases had a theme?

By far, my very favorite purchase was this wooden box!! Don't even try to talk me into selling you this baby. I just adore it! Something so special about it's prior use. I can just image it filled with pastries and bread!

Love the handles and the color of the wood looks like it was made for my home..

I will place it on the coffee table in the kids bonus room. Do you think I can train them {teach them?} to put the TV and video remotes in this box? I hope so! Maybe I can even get them to put their drink glasses in the crate instead of the floor.... A girl can dream, right?

I was told this metal basket was once an old milk crate. It's very heavy duty metal. It's the perfect size to hold my husbands daily newspapers. I hope he will appreciate this wonderful gift I bought for him!

It has some writing on the side...don't know what is says.

I love wicker baskets and this one is HUGE.  I stack vintage wicker baskets and use them for end tables. This one is so big that it will make the perfect "bottom"...

I almost passed this metal box up... In fact, my friend and I got in the car to leave.  I went back to get the box and the seller gave it to me for half price.  You can't really tell how big it is, but trust me it's huge!
He told me it was a lobster pan? I don't know...

It has an insert tray with holes, side handles and a nice lid.. 
I am going to fill it with African Violets for a table display.

This pail was so charming with it's worn red stripes.  
When I pick weeds in the garden it will tag along. 
I'd much rather have an old bucket than a plastic pail.

I had to buy the Sam Adams bucket. When my husband and I were dating, we had some great weekends in Boston. A favorite meal was lobster, steamed clams and Sam Adams Beer. I always thought it was so funny that he was a brewer AND a patriot!

Nice old scale to display over the kitchen cabinets. 
I am always looking for vintage pieces like this...

I have two vintage cameras...this one makes it three! 
It's official, I have a collection!

I bought these big vintage books for the awesome green covers. I have this "green" book theme going in the kid's bonus room. I'm sure they don't even notice..but the 'Martha' in me does... I'll share that book collection with you another day!

This vintage book came home too.

My daughter has been wanting a mannequin for her jewelry. This one was child size. It comes off the stand and can be a table top mannequin.  The seller insisted I take the little shirt with it...

It looks better without the shirt! 
Imagine how cute it would be filled with necklaces!

It has a nice stamp on it. I don't think this is very old.. 
Maybe 1980's..

My daughter promptly said "no thanks"... 
Good thing I love it!

This brown transferware bowl was a bargain. It's very large.. Since it has a {slight} hairline crack the seller sold it to me for $10 bucks.

I always wonder if my posts are too picture heavy... please let me know what you think!

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Thanks so much!!


Anonymous said...

I love it all!! You had a fantastic day at the flea market.I love every item you bought.All your photos are great! The more eye candy the better.I already follow your blog. Your right on my sidebar. I don't want to miss any of your fantastic posts.....Kathy

Green Willow Pond said...

You got some awesomely awesome buys there! I want to come to your flea market! And no a decorating blog can never be to picture heavy. The more pictures the better!

Anonymous said...

You scored good this week! My favorites are the transferware bowl and the bakery box - I would love to find a beautiful bowl like that!
I wish we had flea markets around here...surely we do but I hunt and hunt and can't find any.
Can't wait to see what you do with everything - I like your wicker basket table idea.

and, NO, your posts are not picture heavy - we like to see lots of pictures! :)

Brenda Kula said...

I love your blog! And keep those photos coming! You really scored with these treasures. I always look for things that are container-oriented. And wooden boxes have been a love of mine since my early married days. Love what you found!

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hiya Marcie,
I am a follower of your blog and The Old Painted Cottage. I found you when your house was featured in August!
I would have purchased virtually everything you did!! And...NO!....your blog is not picture heavy....the more the merrier!!!
My favorite item, tho, is the transferware basin! It is lovely in spite of the hairline crack!! I recently picked up a red transferware peepot!! It has a basket of flowers on the side! I need to do a new posting soon! (I've been busy with life!!)
Thanks for sharing!

Auntie Bliss said...

Love that box!
I saw one like it once that said Santa Claus soap with a not for sale tag on it. Snap!
I have a Santa Clara Prunes one in the bathroom LOL.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Great finds. I love all of your boxes and the basket too. The pails are wonderful. Cute little mannequin. The scale is perfect, I have one that I use all the time not only for display but to actually weigh things. Love it. That hutch in the background of your first pic is stunning. Love it. Hugs, Marty

Sarah said...

Your Wednesday Flea was just full of treasures! The box is my favorite, hands down, but have to say you went home with a wonderful assortment of items. ~ Sarah

sissie said...

OMG! You picked up some wonderful treasures.
I love all the containers and could find uses for them. The wooden crate is really nice and looks perfect on your table.

Love that little mannequin too.

In my opinion, you can never show too many pictures.



You found so much good stuff, I especially love the mannequin, but love it all. I am now a follower although I thought I already was?? I don't think you can ever have too many pictures (;

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Love the wooden crate and the wicker basket! In fact, until I found your blog, I thought I didn't particularly like wood tones! Now I realize I am really drawn to all your oak furniture pieces, wicker etc. Love how cohesive it looks. I'm trying to find a media/entertainment center for the TV, coffee table, end tables etc. for my family room and oak just doesn't seem popular in any of the furniture stores in my area. Do you have any suggestions for me? I suppose you picked your oak pieces up here and there, over time, right? I sort of need/want to furnish my new family room "now." I basically have nothing but a leather recliner, and a slipcovered sofa and chair.

p.s. Definitely not too many pictures. I'd like to see more! ;)

Anonymous said...

you scored!!! I love it all, especially the wicker basket and the dress form. Just wonderful findings!!
Have a great night and have fun with your new treasures!

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

LOVE your fabulous finds!! Im the same way..if I make money on Ebay or craigslist im itching to go look for more treasures!! lol..Hugs,Rachel ;)

Ames said...

1980's old?? LOL I love your wonderful finds. The Bakery box is awesome!~Ames

Kim said...

Wow!!! I LOVE your finds!! All of them! The milk crate looks like it says "Carnation" for one thing! Very cool! LOVE the bakery's all just great and never too many pics!

Angela said...

Love all the pictures...the next best thing to finding stuff is seeing what someone else found!! You did good!

Olive Cooper said...

Looks like you visited the vintage Container Store! Love the scale.

Janet said...

Great Finds! Displayed so well too!
Enjoy them!

Susy said...

You had a good day! The milk crate says Carnation. They started out making evaporated milk, I remember them for their ice cream. Love your vision for the big metal box and violets. Enjoy.

Lori said...

You did great! And once your daughter has a friend to says she loves the mannequin and how cool it is, she will be sneaking it back into her room.

birdie blue said...

great finds. love the vintage containers. you can never have too many.

have a lovely weekend!

Alyssa said...

You made some wonderful finds! I particularly love the old milk crate and the red striped pail.

Cori said...

So many fun finds!

My favorite? It has to be the metal mile crate. I LOVE that! Of course the child mannequin is also a great score. I'm partial to mannequin : )P.

Boy, how I wish I could go Wednesday Flea Marketing with you.


Starview Sonnet

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Oh my, such beauties! I love all your pictures, don't change a thing!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

You can NEVER have too many pictures. That is what I blog for. I will follow you with pleasure.

niartist said...

All fantastic, and covetable! :) Thanks for stopping by. :)

Marla said...

I love your blog, I have recently found you, I have selected to follow you but your blog doesn't show up on blog roll, so am not sure what is going on. I don't think your blog is too picture heavy at all. I love your style and the new goodies are simply wonderful!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

This is vintage container heaven! I love every single thing you brought home. I always enjoy seeing your home and your great finds. Love the not change a thing!!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Ummm...I'll take one of everything ;o) you found some great stuff...looks a lot like the piles I bring home.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Whzt GREAT finds! I love them all! The huge bowl is gorgeous and I LOVE the mannequin! I bet it will grow on your the books too!!

And no, your posts are NOT too picture heavy! I could look at more!

Lou Cinda :)

Anonymous said...

SCORE!! I did the same thing after I had my yard sale... only I didn't find such fabulous things from a flea market, because we don't have any great flea markets where I live. :( I LOVE all of your containers!! I have a vintage milk crate like yours... did you see that post? Anyway, it's uncanny how similar our tastes are... I would have bought all of the same stuff! haha!
Have a great weekend!
~ Jo :)

P.S. Good luck training your kids! ;-))

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Your purchases are wonderful! I love containers fact, I could use a few more!

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

I love all of your finds! That wooden box and the wicker basket are my favorites. I love all sorts of containers too, but then I run out of things to put in them :)

Angie said...

I can not believe what great stuff you found!?! LOVE it all!!

Franciscus and Elizabeth said...

Saw your beautiful house on The Old Painted Cottage and now have found your blog. I would love to Follow you and am also putting you on my blog list on my new blog.


Mary Drummond said...

Carnation Brand:

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Glad you enjoyed that older post of mine, thanks for leaving a note! What great junk you brought home. Love every single thing! Your house is so pretty. I'm so excited, I'm going to be featured on Jennifer's cottage site for Nov.

Garden Grunt said...

Great finds! I wish Iowa had killer flea markets with cool junk like that...or maybe I need to dig harder.

Well done!

Deserae said...

What wonderful finds you came home with!!! Love,love,love that brown transferware bowl...gorgeous!!!! You find the best "junk" I swear :o)

Marta Valdes said...

Okay, WOW, all of the stuff is amazing. I love it. So you do realize you must take me someday, just so I can experience it and watch you in action.

Elma said...

Oh my word what fabulous finds!! I so love the bakery box to:) And you can never have to many photos!! Elma

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Your finds are really wonderful and I most likely would have arm wrestled for any one of them had I been there! Thanks for stopping by and inviting me over...glad I came as your blog is beautiful...I am happy to follow along.
Take care, Laura

lala said...

Love all the pics - more is always better. I read blogs late at night and sometimes it's just so relaxing to sit back and view lots and lots of lovely photos, just like looking at a magazine.

Teri said...

Oh Lawd, if I would have spotted what you have..I would have died!! What treasures! I've been searching for one of those boxes for years..and I visit the thrift stores often! Lucky you!!

Marie said...

Oh my oh my...glad to see you back! I love love love all your flea finds! Love the scale, and the mannequin...oh and the camera. How fun was that day for you!!!

Happy Friday! BTW, I'm having a gift raffle, hope you can stop by and enter.

~SueSCharmingChippyCottageCreations~ said...

Love all your finds and we have simular tastes. I have the same scale and love containers too. I just found a doughbox that I love. I also collect cameras I have 6 come visit my blog oh and you can never have to many pic's

Elizabeth Ann said...

LOVE all the pictures! Some great junk fell into your cart. I seem to go through cycles of what I'm buying. Just this past week I seemed to gravitate toward wine bottles and enamelware european buckets and pails.

Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Ann

Noell-Hyman said...

No, it's NOT too picture heavy! I love it. I love your flea market finds!!!

And yes, I've been following your blog in my reader. :)

Home Hinges said...

I love the old boxes, containers and buckets. They just call to me. Great finds. Enjoy.
April @

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Love your finds! The wood box is cool. ~judy~

Lady Chris said...

Keep the pictures coming! All your finds are awesome and things I would have picked fun to find someone with the same tastes! Looking forward to following your blog :)