Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For The Birds~

I have this {little} obsession with vintage bird cages. I have them indoors and out. We don't have any pet birds, just the cages! I love to change the vignettes inside them. Sometimes they have a little concrete statue in them, or a few vintage books, maybe a bird's nest, or sometimes a small lamp tucked inside. In the summer, I love a fresh plant or violet inside.  My cages have been collected over the past 15 years.

This cage was the first cage in my collection. I love the tole flowers and butterfly at the top. It sits a top my kitchen cabinet next to a floral cream tole tray and prized brown transferware platter.
The photo below shows the cage in my kitchen (see left side of photo).
Next up is a cage I have in my family room. I found it last year at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. The nice lady I purchased it from told me she brought it back from Texas. This one is rusty and slightly shabby but I find it charming. The base is completely rusted through and is no longer secure. I love the double round bird swings inside.

My very favorite cage was purchased from my friend, Cheryl. It moves from room to room, all over my house. It has such a unique shape with gingerbread scrolls on the each side.. I will never part with it!  Right now in sits in my kitchen above my refrigerator. This is not my favorite spot for this cage because I can't really see it too well. Moving it requires my husband get out the big ladder. The cage is big and very heavy.. so I am waiting for the just the right time to say "Honey, can you move that cage for me...again?"
Can you see the cage above the refrigerator (right side of photo).

My dining room is home to my largest bird cage. I purchased this from my friend, Jennifer, at TheOldPaintedCottage. This one stands 5 1/2 feet tall. At one time, I had a mini chandelier hanging in it. Maybe I will do that again. I have a small cherub statue that sometimes  hangs out in this cage. Today, it has just a small ivy topiary tucked inside. Notice the green chippy paint which is exposed underneath and the metal bow tied on the legs. Love it!!
Every scrapbook room needs a bird cage right? This one isn't very tall, maybe waist high. It's not a working cage, the top just lifts off the base. It has a darling center decal with little flowers on it.  (I moved this cage into the family room to photograph it.)
Last cage to share.. I promise! This next cage is in the play room on top of the TV cabinet. It's the only cage I own that is dark brown. This room has some darker elements so it works well. I have propped a large tattered frame behind it. The cage is larger than it looks and takes up the entire top of the cabinet space. It has a charming wood swing inside as well as a {fake} ivy plant..shhh! I purchased this cage when my son had a basketball game in a neighboring city.  I dropped him off at the gym for warm-ups and decided to take a very fast trip to an Antique Mall and found it!
I hope you enjoyed my "Tour of Cages".  I would love to see your cage!!  I don't know how to set up that type of link.  If you have a cage you would like to share, maybe you can post a link in the comments section.  Thanks for stopping by!


BriarRose said...

Oh my...you have such unique and lovely birdcages. Love your ideas on how you display them too. I just moved into a new home and Sunday night I added a couple of cages above my cabinets in the kitchen. I think they look really good. I especially love the frame you tucked behind one of your cages. Looks great. I enjoyed visiting your home as "Cottage of the Month". Welcome to the blogging world! Debra

Lisa said...

Greetings and welcome to Blogland. I too, am very new so I hope that you will visit me.

Your home is absolutely lovely! I always look forward to viewing the "Cottage of the Month" and as always, your home did not disappoint.

Love the birdcages, especially the one with the tole.

I will be sure to sign up as a Follower.

Take care - Lisa@Suburban Retreat

AntiqueChase said...

Hi Debra and Lisa~
Thanks for your warm welcome! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Congrats on your move Debra, I would love to see your cages. Lisa, I will be sure to check out your blog too!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I am so happy to have found your beautiful blog! I have had a little peek around and it really is wonderful!

I adore birdcages too! I have a small collection and am always on the hunt for more!
Yours are gorgeous! I love the one with the painted flowers on top!

I look forward to many more visits here!


I am off to check out your shop!

AntiqueChase said...

Hi Cathy~
Thanks for stopping by to say hello! I will be listing on Ebay again in September when the kids go back to school. I hope you will check back then. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them!

Sarah said...

Bird cages, bird houses, nests, etc. all make my heart sing. Your cages are such fun. I like how you've used them in various rooms, and they all look unique. Yes, I do like your style!!! ~ Sarah

Jaybird said...

Great collection of birdcages!!! Try putting the statue of a cat inside of one of them and then clipping a little bird from the craft store to the outside top of the cage...you will get a lot of laughs!!
Thanks for posting all of these goodies!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I love reading your blog, it's so inspiring. My cottage is small, as is the yard. We are short for space down here at the beach so most furniture or pretties must have a duel purpose. I have a fantastic old bird cage which I love that used to house doves when I lived out in the country. It's in storage and I think I'm going to get it out, put it right in my garden and plant a rose bush I've been wanting to get in the ground in it. What do you think? Your bird cage post has inspired me to try something clever.

Designs By Pinky said...

I love all your birdcages! I have just redecorated my kitchen and breakfast room with birds, cages, etc. I will post that soon. I don't have any LARGE cages like you do, will have to be on the lookout for some now!!!! XO, Pinky

Joseph said...

Your kitchen's design matches the flooring perfectly. the kitchen cabinet is totally amazing as it is.

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Delores Arabian said...

It looks like great minds think alike, haha! I love your birdhouse collection! ~Delores